Another week has passed! Awesome!

So another week has passed, not much action this week either, we've just been drawing some eletrical schedules in Elcad, quite fun actually. And also we've been placing out components and such. Hopefully we will be able to start with the eletrical construction, could be fun :) And as always we've taken some pics for u guys, over and out!!! ///// EC10

After the first two weeks of our project!

We have now completed our first two weeks of this project. not much to write about because we have mostly been focusing on to get the information we need, for example read about all the parts we are going to use, also read about solarenergy. We also managed to take some pictures for your pleasure!

Växthuset idag 20/1 - 12

Nu är vi igång!

Första veckan börjar gå mot sitt slut och vi har äntligen kommit igång!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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